Zarbags Gitz 2: Fungal Familiarity

Hello again and welcome to the second article detailing my misadventures with madcap marauders! Today I'll be diving into what I have learned about boards, the effect the infamous BAR list has had, and covering some top card picks to include in your Grot deck. I'm gonna finish with some of the match-up specific lessons i learned from my latest tournament escapade.

A Two Tournament Roundup

Preamble I was lucky enough to attend not one but two tournaments this weekend at the Forge in Manchester and at Boards and Swords in Derby. We really are blessed in the north with both the quality and quantity of events on offer, the Steel City itself has three separate stores that all run tournaments... Continue Reading →

Good Games Epping Store Championship

I set off to the tournament with my pick for the most Shadespire song (The Clash - London Calling) playing in my headphones. My defensive Stormcast have a good record and should do me proud again. However, people will be expecting them and there are some strong cards in the Leader pack released today that... Continue Reading →

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