Mollog’s Mob: A Second Look

With the release of the warband boxes today we can see all the cards available to us. Mike is covering the neutral cards from both boxes, Tom is giving his updated impression on the Darkoath Barbarians and allegedly I am the best fit for Mollog because “You are the most trollish”. Humph, thanks semi-anonymous co-author.... Continue Reading →

Nightvault Warband Review: Eyes of the Nine

The inevitable preamble This review is a rebuttal to the review published by Grand Clash winner and fellow blogger Jamie of Katophrane Relic fame. His deliberately controversial tiering of the warbands was designed to provoke debate within the community; in it he rates the Eyes of the Nine as being in the bottom tier, unable... Continue Reading →

Ironskullz Boyz: Scrag ‘Em Ladz

A popular staple of the Underworlds aggro scene, the Orruks have been struggling to carve out a niche in recent metas. I have a look at what the Orruks bring to the table, and go through a decklist to take advantage of these green go-getters!

Leading by Example

Another day, another preview. Lets have a look at the latest spoilers from the upcoming Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire – Leaders expansion and see if there's anything new to get excited about ahead of the release on Saturday. Commanding Presence and Trusted Second Neither of these are bad, per se, but they're not great either. Getting... Continue Reading →

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